Mastering is the final process in any audio production before duplication, and offers a chance for a fresh pair of well-trained ears to make sonic improvements to your audio. Through the diligent use of a large range of processing techniques and a high level of quality control, mastering ensures that your finished product realises its full potential and sounds great on the ever-increasing range of playback devices (hi-fi, radio, mobile devices, laptop/bluetooth speakers etc). The process also includes cleaning up tops & tails, removing noise and artefacts (such as clicks and pops) where appropriate, ISRC and PQ coding, and adding CD Text.

Get Real Audio provides a competitive mastering service using a range of very high quality analogue and digital processing equipment for any CD, download, or video product, and vinyl pre-mastering.

Josh is an official ‘Apple Digital Masters’ provider (formerly Mastered for iTunes), and can provide compliant masters for any project, just ask.



Album: £350
5-track EP: £200
Individual or extra tracks: £50 per track

No hidden extra charges.

These rates include:

  • One mastering session (allow 5-8 hours for an album), you’re welcome to attend if you wish

  • One CD listening copy, or reference audio files, for approval

  • One optional unattended follow-up / tweak session + CD listening copy

  • Final quality control check (full listen and error test of final production master / DDP)

  • One of the following:

    • DDPi master file-set delivered electronically to your chosen duplication house (compete with MD5 checksum and PQ sheet)

    • Red-book compliant CD production master and delivery to you, or your chosen duplication house. (Not available with single track mastering

  • PLUS one of the following:

    • 16 or 24 Bit WAV files

    • Superior sounding mp3 files

We’ll also store your files indefinitely for future re-pressing, and reference in our secure archive.

If you need additional versions (vinyl pre-master, instrumentals / TV mixes, high-resolution download files, etc). Please get in touch to chat about it.